Saturday, March 17, 2012


I think I have shared this with you before, but it should be repeated often.  I read something on a friends blog post today that jarred my memory and I've been thinking of my dad, and his wisdom ever since.  I'm a preacher's kid, and I was privileged to have my dad instruct me in confirmation class.

This little saying was one of the little extra things we were to learn from him in addition to the Catechism and Bible studies.  I don't know if these are his original words, or if they came from somewhere else, but I do know I have remembered them since I learned them in 7th grade. 

Do not say what you do not want to be saying when Jesus comes.
Do not do what you do not want to be doing when Jesus comes.
And do not go where you do not want to be found when Jesus comes.

Oh, yes, I have at times forgotten to put those words into practice.  I've sinned much!  But because of His Grace, I have been forgiven.  And that is the most important thing I learned from my dad!  Jesus loves me and died for me.  And the older I get, the more I appreciate this Grace.  What a beautiful word!  Grace.


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