Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Have you ever seen anything like this playground?

This past weekend we went to Grand Forks to see our grandson, Sammy and his parents.  It was a bit windy and chilly, but we did take Sammy to this awesome playground. 

Which way should I go, grandma?
Maybe to the swings?
Cute little house.
Even grandpa has to check it out!
Nope, not the slide.
What's down here?
Another little place to hide.
It goes on and on...........
This dragon greets you by the entrance.
Boy, if I was a kid I sure would have a lot of fun on this playground.  Just as we were leaving, about 6 families, each with several kids, came.  It was fun to see the kids all scamper off to different areas of the playground, and there was plenty of room for all.


Paula said...

What an awesome playground. We had one similar to it at the elementary school my kids went to and they loved it.

linda adelaide said...

what an adorable park! i loved the house and dragon! not the slide?? what? you could crawl up and pull him out if need be, grandma! ;)

lucky you to be able to drive to your grandkid's house!