Thursday, March 08, 2012


Well, I do know for sure that it is March because it is a special granddaughter's birthday today.  Happy 14th  birthday, Jaden!

After the time changes to daylight saving time this weekend, the sunrises will be an hour later.  I'll have my coffee gone by the time the sun comes up!
 This morning the sky was pinky, purply, orangy, yellowy.....And very pretty.
 This afternoon we went out to the nature center just west of town and took a little hike.  I think these pictures look like October 8, not March 8.
 There was no snow in sight.  The color was pretty blah, except for some green moss on the bottoms of the trees.
 I love the bare, twisted sumac plants.  Soon they will be greening up.
 I saw one beautiful bit of color, but didn't have my camera out at the time.  This cardinal was closer, and sitting in the bright sunshine, his brilliant red breast almost glowing in the light.  I grabbed the camera and he flew to a more distant tree and turned his back on me.  That wasn't nice, was it?
 And these two guys also turned their backs on me and flipped their fluffy white tails in the air and ran off.


Paxie said...

I guess the guys were camera shy LOL

With the weather has been here, I never know what month it is!!

I do know Spring is just around the corner :)

Happy Birthday to Jaden!

Lena said...

What gorgeous pictures. Apparently you have no snow on the ground as we do. But ours should be gone by next week with forecast of temps up to 60!! I'm so anxious for spring to come so I can see what's been planted around our new house. AND I've got a cardinal that comes regularly to my feeders - something I didn't have in our old location. Happy Daylight Savings Time!! (chuckle).

Kristyne said...

A CARDINAL?!!! Super cool! ;)