Saturday, October 16, 2010


We are in the midst of redecorating the RV.  We bought it used, so had no real choice in what we got.  It had a small flip down couch and a built in dinette set.  Both were a problem.  The couch was half way comfortable, and served as a bed for my sister Lois when she traveled with us, but if it was just me and Ernie it wasn't a good deal.  You see, he claimed it, usually as I was doing dinner dishes, and once he was reclining on it I had no place to sit.  Except in the uncomfortable dinette set, which wasn't very relaxing.  So, we took out the couch and replaced it with two very inexpensive glider rocker type chairs, each with a matching footstool.  Now I have a place to relax too!  And they are quite comfortable.  I just hope they hold up as they really were cheap!   And don't worry. Lois will have a bed.  She can sleep on the lower bunk in the back where we usually stored things.

The dinette set was uncomfortable, and was really unhandy when we had friends over for dinner or to play cards.  First of all, two adults sitting on the one side was really close, and secondly, playing cards with two people right next to each other just leads to cheating......the men always looked at us gals' hands!  So the next improvement was to remove the dinette set.  It actually was quite the project as some of the screws were hidden, or were underneath spots where you couldn't get a tool in to remove them.  So Ernie worked a whole day on that and finally got both benches and the table out.  Our dining area is now furnished with a small table and chair set he found on Craig's List, also pretty cheap!  And each person can have their own side!

So, we ended up with a couple of holes in the wall where the screws were especially stubborn, and a few spots on the carpet that were damaged.  You know how redecorating works.  You fix one thing and it leads to another and another, seemingly ad infinitum.   Yesterday we picked out a carpet remnant, also cheap, to do that small area, and SSIL (super son in law) will lay that for us.  I am heading in to town now to pick out a roll of wallpaper to cover just the bottom half of the wall in the slideout where the dinette was attached.   

The weather has been absolutely unbelievable these past two weeks and we have really enjoyed being outdoors.  I hope it hope it holds out as we finish up the extreme trailer makeover.  We all know what's coming, probably sooner than we think!

Pictures will follow when the job is completed.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I can't wait for pictures. I am loving stocking mine. I can't wait for the quilt fabric to arrive. I'm accenting mine with red to off set the blue.
Have fun! We both have a good winter project.

Anonymous said...

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