Friday, October 08, 2010


The weather this week has been super!  So beautiful~just the kind of fall I love.  Ernie decided we should take advantage of it so we did a quick camping trip, just two nights, and in a nearby state park, so it wasn't a big deal to pack up and just take off.
 With our unusually warm temps we really didn't need a fire, but what is camping without a campfire?

 And it did feel good during the evening when we connected our TV outside and sat by the fire to watch the Twins/Yankees playoff game.  The Twins lost.  Both nights.  Bummer.
Thursday morning we decided to go for a hike into the little town a couple of miles from the park.  Minnesota has a wonderful rails to trails program where abandoned railroad beds are turned into hiking trails.  One of the trails runs through the park, and goes right into the town where two of our grandsons, Jacob and Caleb, live.  Caleb was in school of course, and Jacob was probably sleeping from working the night shift at the nursing home, so we didn't see them.
The small lake in town was quiet and smooth, a perfect reflecting pool for the bright colors on these buildings.
 I think this is an apartment building, but whatever it is, I love the red bush.
 And no lake is complete without ducks, right?
 I love the iridescent heads on mallards.
 Back to the campground.  This wasn't our site, but is a favorite of mine.  We had visitors last night.  My sister and BIL who live close by, came out for dinner and to watch the baseball game.  As I already said, we lost again.  One more chance....tomorrow night.

We packed up and came home this morning.  This afternoon the temp hit 90 degrees!  Last year at this time we were camping Up North and we had snow.  What a difference!


Linda B said...

I love your header photo!

Marge said...

Linda, that is Bear Head Lake State Park, way Up North by Ely. It was a beautiful sunny day and I took a lot of pictures. But then, I do that all the time, I guess!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful pictures of the mallards.
It has been perfect camping weather here too and hope we can go next week!

Joni said...

Marge!!!!!!! (an enthusiastic visit!)
I so love your pictures. The water pictures look like they should be made into jigsaw puzzles-they're so beautiful! I too enjoy the colors on the ducks. You and Ernie sure know how to camp. I haven't been in so long. My household is currently being reformatted, so it might be a while longer before camping is a possibility, so keep taking your wonderful pictures and I'll camp vicariously through you!

Marshmallows anyone?

Love and hugs sweet friend 'o mine.