Saturday, November 07, 2009


What is your decorating style?  Is it one style or is it a combination of styles?  I wonder if there is a style called "Things I Love, and things from my grandma, and I don't care if it goes together or not, wish I lived in a log home style?"  That's my style, I think.  The above is my china hutch, not a piece of china in it!  This is the first piece of good furniture we bought, an Ethan Allen maple/birch hutch, over 40 years ago.  We bought a table and six chairs at the same time, but I gave it to one of our kids to use, and I haven't seen it in ten years.  Hum, wonder what it looks like or if it's still in usable condition!  But back to my hutch.  On the top is a clock that was my grandparents.  There are pieces of pink depression glass on one side, found at garage sales,  and on the other side are a couple of wine decanters, one old from my grandmother, and two modern.  The top shelf is carnival glass, from the other grandmother via my mom.  The other shelves are pottery pieces I've picked up in various places: Alaska, Prince Edward Island, Havana, Florida, and Wells, Minnesota, and my winter decorating.  Snowman plates fount at a thrift store.

My barrister cabinet, or lawyers cabinet, or bookshelf, whatever you call it, that belonged to my dad,  is now lighted.  Hubby put in strips of LED lights so the glasswear would really shine, and it does.  These pieces are also a combination  of goodies acquired in different ways.  The top shelf has my grandmothers stemwear, really old, also a tiny crystal sleigh that was bought on the morn of the day that I was born.  Hey, a good line for a song, uh?  No, really, my dad bought my mom a tiny crystal sleigh the day I was born.  It's now an antique!  On he second shelf  are green depression glass water goblets from my grandmother, and a beautiful fluted bowl that my mom had, and the lovely moustache cup that I found at the thrift shop for 75 cents.  The bottom shelf also has a beautiful bowl of my mom's.  See, I don't have one style, just a combination of things I love.

And then the top of the entertainment cabinet has other stuff all together.  I just mix it all up and call it good.  The square plate was a birthday gift last year from my sister, Betsy.  It says "Only God can turm a mess into a message."  What  do you suppose she was trying to tell me?


Joni said...

Well I love your style! It tells me you have a warm home and value your family history. I've always had a thing for depression glass, carnival glass...I love it all! Unfortunately my house is not big enough for a place to display it - but I buy it anyway :)...thanks for sharing your many treasures. If I ever find some extra time I'll share some of mine.

Love to you sweet friend ~

Rick and LuAnn said...

My home is eclectic. My favorite store of all is New 2 You! I have found the neatest things there that Rick calls "junk". I rarely shop retail stores.

Linda up north said...

Just lovely :)

Lisa said...

I miss my big house and having a place to display all my "pretties". I love your taste, I find displaying things that mean a lot to me from people that meant a lot to me is the best style in the world!!!

Memaw's memories said...

Personally, I like your decorating style. It's very much like mine. Mostly things I love and have collected over the years.

I have a shadow box and several doilies that belonged to my mother, several small pieces that belonged to my husband's great-grandmother. A McCoy cookie jar that my grandfather gave me for Christmas one year. And that's just the tip of the ice-berg. I have so many things that aren't worth much money wise, but are worth millions to me.