Monday, November 30, 2009


This is what I was doing as hubby watched the Vikings clobber da Bears yesterday.  I admit it.  I love Christmas trees, and I tend to put quite a few, a lot, hundreds of decorations on my tree.

This is a new tree.  We bought it at Maynards (well, actually Menards, I just call it Maynards.)  We are leaving a couple of days after Christmas so the tree won't be left up way into January as I have been known to do, so we jut decided we didn't need one of those high priced trees.  The tree was really, really cheap inexpensive, so don't look too closely at the needles.  They're almost that cut paper look.   As I said, cheap. 

But it had the LED lights and was seven feet tall, so I figured we'd take a chance on it.  Turns out the shape is lovely, it has lots of lights, and it's quite full.  Not too bad for $23 with a $5 rebate!  Honest!

The ornaments are a cranberry red and gold, with lots of crystal icicles.  Oh, and one blue, one green and one pink.........antique ornaments that were my moms.

We really like our cheap tree.  Stop by and see it for yourself!

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