Sunday, November 15, 2009


and legs, and arms, and shoulders, and fingers, and little toes.  Oh, my aching everything!  Thursday we helped daughter Gail move into an apartment.  On the fifth floor.  On a little hill with 15 steps to get to the front door!  Then Friday and Saturday I helped unpack, sort and clean.  And when I say clean I mean CLEAN!  Most of her furniture and things had been stored in a garage for six years, and then was in a storage unit for the past year while she was getting her life together.  What a filthy mess!  Furniture didn't need to be dusted, it needed to be scrubbed.   All the kitchen stuff needed to be run through the dishwasher, some things more than once. She is washing all the clothes and linens. And she needed to sort things to throw, things to give away, things to return to the jerk, her soon to be ex, and things to keep.  We have piles and boxes and black garbage bags stacked everywhere.  What a mess.  We are making headway though, and should have things put together soon. 

This is a big milestone for her, and she is so excited to finally have a place to call home.  Please hope and pray with me that it will work out and she will be happy and will stay healthy.  After all, her parents had to put their signature on the lease too, and we can't afford to pay for it if she screws up.


Linda up north said...

I will pray. That is so, so exciting for her and for you. How absolutely wonderful that she has come so far!
PS. How do you make the characters with the lines through them in your text (ie. the jerk)? I have searched and cannot find how :)

Lisa said...

Oh I will scoot over and make room in that boat. What we do for our kids to help them keep their heads above water, to help them to be successful, what we do for our kids period. I am so grateful to see that you have such a heart to do all that for her. Even through all the pain, in more ways than one!!! You are such a good person and I can't wait to see you in January!

Marge said...

Linda, the newest issue of blogger has the strikethrough letters on the toolbar on the create post page. I never could find it before either, but when I switched to the newer version, there it was!

And Lisa, I'll see you before January! We are leaving here on the 28th of probably will go through your area on the 29th! Will that work for you? I'll email to make sure we can set things up so it will work.