Saturday, November 07, 2009


Check this out!  Grandson, Adam, just got his first deer, on his first hunt, at first light, on the first day of deer hunting season.  He must be one excited 14 year old!  He emailed a picture to his mom from his cell phone, so check it out on her blog.  Also recieved word via a text from our other daughter, that our son, Chuck, got a deer just minutes into the season . 

Thought to ponder:  Is this the kind of hunting that our generation did?  I remember waiting the whole weekend for hubby to come home with the news of the hunt, whether they filled out or not, who shot what, where, and then waiting a week for the pictures to be developed!  Now, via a text, Thea knew Chuck had gotten a deer within minutes of the shot, and Adam sends a photo via cell phone to his mom and now it's out there on the blog for the world to see, within an hour of the shot!  Amazing, isn't it?


Jac @ Wuzzle Makes Three said...

Congratulations to him!! (I love deer season, i hope my Father In Law has good luck so that I can have some yummy Deer Jerky!!)

In some ways it's nice that everything is so instantaneous; but I really do miss the anticipation factor of the pre-digital era.

Joni said...

It is amazing how fast news can travel nowadays. I really like that the kids can check in when they are half way across the state and the random "I love you" texts always make my day! Love that technology!

Marge said...

Jacque I kind of agree with you. I too miss the anticipation of the "pre-technology" days.

But, I also agree with you Joni. I love getting a text from a kid or a grand kid saying they love me, or that they'll be over to visit. And, I too, love my technology!

Anonymous said...

I do need to clarify a little. I did not receive the message via text. I do not understand texting someone from a phone when I can just use the phone the way I have always used it. I am just a little (or a lot) stubburn. I like to talk and I like to hear people's voices talking to me. I could never have heard Chuck's voice telling me about not being able to get out of the tree stand because he was shaking too bad. If I had not known better I would have thought he was a 3 year old on Christmas morning. It reminded me why I fell in love with him. Nothing better than knowing that I was the first person to hear his voice after the deer was shot, not the buddies, me, I got to hear his voice. No text could do that!
I have made the statement that I will go to my grave never texting, well we will just have to wait and see. I may give in someday. But, never during deer hunting!

Lisa said...

Oh I love the fact that the "men" were out hunting and were so successful. Good for them. I love technology, but what I HATE is when it is done from the car while driving. It is amazing where we are vs where we came from...But I don't know that I would really want to ever go backwards. Simple days are wonderful, but today is pretty great too!