Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My jaw still hurts. Actually, the tooth also hurts some today. I have some pain pills, but I'm such a chicken to take them that I only take one at bedtime. That way I can hopefully get some sleep. And the antibiotic is making my stomach a bit upset. And I can't open my mouth wide enough to chew many kinds of food, so I'm getting hungry. Tomorrow I go back to my dentist to get the crown reset, and then I'm ready for this to be done and over with. I am not a good patient.

I'm wanting to buy a new bike, and I stopped at two places today to see what they had. Well, let me tell you, bike shops apparently aren't made with the idea of having gray haired old ladies coming to their shop. Both of the shops completely ignored me! I walked around the first one for about 15 minutes. A teenaged guy seemed to be a salesperson, but he was involved with a 40ish man who was covered with tatoos and was wearing a bandana on his pony tailed head. They were checking out bikes and the young man was telling the older guy about places to bike off road and the older guy was saying he'd been to all those places. There were two other employees, at least I thought they were employees, but they were changing the tires on a bike and didn't have a clue that anyone else was in the store. I finally left, telling Ben and Anna who were with me that this store apparently doesn't sell bikes to people with gray hair. And at the second bike shop, actually a huge sporting store, it was about the same. There was one salesperson talking on the phone, but otherwise not a soul in the area. And I looked around for about 10 minutes in this store too. Guess my money isn't any good!

But I did have a fun morning. I got to babysit for two grandkids, Ben and Anna, while Kari did a training in a town about an hour from here. We played a few games on their Wii and then set off on a mission. The mission? To buy a plant for Anna's PCA who just had a birthday, and who was just notified that she was hired by the local school district. Anna, age six, was swinging her pink purse in wide circles around her head, and I wondered if the $20 she was carrying in it would still be there by the time we got to the florist shop! We got to my favorist florist and started looking through their vast greenhouse. I found a lovely croton and showed it to Anna. Nope. I found a jade. Nope. I found several philodendrons. Nope. She found a tiny starter plant for $2.98 and a large ficus tree for $69, neither what we were looking for.

So we left this shop and went to another. Again I found a croton. Nope. A peace lily? Nope. A lacy leafed plant that I wasn't familiar with. Nope. About then the sales gal came over to help. I explained to her that Anna was looking for a plant and that she had $20. The sales gal took over. She showed Anna a goldfish plant with the tiny goldfish looking flowers. Nope. She showed her a lipstick plant. Nope. Next was a dracaena. Yes! This was exactly what Anna was looking for apparently! It was the thin spikey leaves that were green with a red edge that must have caught her eye, because this was the one. The sales gal picked up the plant and told Anna to follow her to pick out the foil and bow to dress up the plain green pot. She showed Anna a red, a green and a gold foil, but none of them were right. She pulled out an orange one that kind of clashed with the red on the spikes, and, yup, you got it, this was the one! Then Anna followed the gal over to the table where she wrapped and shaped the lovely orange foil around the pot. Now it was time for the crowning glory, the huge bow. This time there was no discussion about it......Anna said it had to be pink!

So Alicia will be receiving a plant with green spikes edged with red, wrapped in orange foil, and finished off with the brightest hot pink bow you've ever seen! This is so Anna........and I'm guessing Alicia will love it!


Lisa J said...

I wish you would have taken a picture of that plant !!!! I bet she will love getting that plant and will not forget the little person that sent it to her. That is just too sweet.

For the bike thing...that would have made me MAD. I can not stand being ignored. It happened to me not long ago when I went into a camera shop wanting to spend some money on a new lense. Well I guess like you, my money was not "green" enough or something. I did not even get a hello or be right with you, or kiss my foot, nothing. So after 15 minutes, I left and vowed to never return. So far, I have kept that promise.

Anonymous said...

Try Nicollet south Bike Shop. We have had great luck with them!

Linda B. said...

You are such a fun grandma! Alicia will love that Anna picked every part of it by herself. I just hate it when a store cannot even acknowledge that I am in their store. When on the phone and they don't even look up. Before leaving I will say loud enough for them and any other customer to hear that I guess I will have to spend my money at another store since this one doesn't want to take the time to see if they can assist me.

Lisa J said...

Hey, do you read Morning Coffee? If you do not, please go to my site and she is on my list of favorites. I really think you need to read her blogs, you will not be sorry. Let me know.

Sage said...

Lisa, yes I read morning coffee. Her post yesterday left me in tears. I need to leave a comment for her. Yes, it's a great blog!