Monday, August 25, 2008


We have been home for a bit more than 24 hours now, and more than two of those hours were spent in the endodontist's chair with my mouth as wide open as I could manage. Yes, my first day back from vacation I was treated to a root canal! Fun, fun, fun. I should have stayed at the lake! This first picture is the stained glass kokopelli I bought in Mexico this past winter. We installed it in the door of our 5th wheel, but when we sold it and bought our little trailer, I insisted that we take it out of the door on the 5th wheel and put it in the new one.

Grand Marais is one of my favorite spots on the North Shore. There's lots of shopping in quaint little shops, and a Ben Franklin that sells everything you could ever want! So we had fun there
and took this picture as a sailboat was entering the harbor. The next pictures are from the
state park where we stayed, Temperance River. The waves were crashing more like the ocean than a lake, and we sat down at the shore for hours, watching the beautiful sight.
This shot is so filled with water spray that you can hardly make it out!
When the lake is acting normal, we sit on this rock. Not today!
By the next morning the waves were pretty much back to normal.
This is Temperance River, many miles inland on the Sawbill Trail, a twenty some mile dirt road that we love to take every time we're up there.
The flower box at the general store in Tofte.
A pretty lake on the Gunflint Trail. You can see where it has burned in the past. Much of the drive along this trail is along land that has burned at some point, some of it last summer.

The river in Jay Cook State Park, another favorite stopping place Up North.

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Lisa J said...

Oh my goodness. I don't know how you managed to drag yourself away from there, especially to come home and have a root canal done!!! I just can not beieve how beautiful it is, you have so inspired me, I have the need to see the world, no, just the United States!!! We need to sell our house and just travel. Wish my parents would go with us.