Friday, October 13, 2006


Salem, Missouri: Well, here we are, on our own computers for a change. We were at the library this morning, but we have to use their computers there. Now we found out that we can go to the Armory, bring in our own computers, and connect to their unsecured wireless connection. Yay! So here are some pictures of our last week.

This first picture was taken the day we visited the Lincoln's at the White House. Ernie was not dressed for the occasion, but they didn't seem to mind. The new Lincoln Museum in Springfield Illinois is wonderful! There is a log cabin built like the boyhood home of Lincoln, set in a grove of trees just like it would have been. They even had the sound of birds singing up in the trees. Across this huge room stood a replica of the White House, with Mrs. Lincoln dressed in a beautiful ball gown, standing inside the front door with arms outstretched, welcoming you into their home. The Lincoln family that is pictured here, is standing about in the center of the large room that branches off into the cabin, the White House, and two theaters. Inside the White House wing were very interesting exhibits on several different subjects. My favorite was the section on the Civil War. There was a huge map of the battle areas on the wall, with the borders of the current battles changing constantly to indicate how the war spread to the many areas of the south. In the bottom corner was a running total of the number of dead on both the North and South sides. It was a display like FOX News would have telecast had the technology been available 150 years ago. I found it fascinating. The other area I thought was interesting was the section showing the political cartoons of the day. Making fun of our President is nothing new, I found out, as there were hundreds of copies of the posters, newspapers, and bulletins, all ridiculing Mr. Lincoln. Some of them were very nasty, and I ached for him and his family, especially knowing what was going to happen in the near future.

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