Thursday, October 12, 2006


Salem, Missouri: Good morning. We are still sitting outside of Salem, waiting for our mail that we requested to be mailed to the post office here. We drove in again from the State Park where we are staying, and found that it hadn't arrived yet this morning. It had best be here tomorrow! We were also in town yesterday checking on mail, getting haircuts, and doing some grocery shopping. We also make phone calls when we are here because we have no signal at the State Park which is down in a valley by a river surrounded by lots of hills. We usually try to check with one person back home each time we are in town. (Good thing I was talking about phones because I just remembered that I hadn't turned off the ringer! Not good to have a phone go off in the public library.)

I have so many pictures I wanted to share with you all, but when I can't use my own computer I can't post them. We have visited a lot of places in the past week: Lincoln's tomb and museum, Mark Twain's boyhood home, two beautiful caves, and many narrow winding roads lined with trees dressed in their glorious fall colors. As soon as we get someplace a bit more technology savey, where we can use our own computers, I will post some of those pictures and tell you a bit more about those places. As for now, we'll just enjoy this beautiful, peaceful part of the country.