Friday, October 13, 2006


Salem, Missouri: You know that mail we've been waiting for? It seems the person (who shall remain nameless) that requested our next mail drop made a big mistake. First of all, he filled out the form incorrectly so the mail forwarding people thought he wanted the mail sent UPS, which they can't do without a street address. General Delivery mail can't be sent that way. The company did respond saying they needed a street address and extra money to send it what way, but someone didn't read the return email telling him this. When he did finally check back and cleared this all up, he found out that the mail that we expected this past Tuesday will now be mailed next Monday. We are becoming permanent residents of the Park campground. Oh well, it's a very pretty place as you can see from these pictures taken of the trees and hills surrounding the campsite. I guess we don't have any deadlines to meet anyhow, so what's another day or four or five!

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