Sunday, October 29, 2006


POPLAR BLUFF, MISSOURI: We finally found another campground with wireless. The last five campgrounds have been beautiful Arkansas State Parks, but State Parks don't offer wireless connections. Maybe someday they will but now they don't. We much prefer staying in State Parks or National Parks or Forests, especially when there are great hiking trails and beautiful autumn colors to enjoy, but sometimes we need to connect with the world, and at those times we need to find a private campground with connections.

I wanted to show you some of the great scenery from our hike last Sunday but the only other time I've connected this week I haven't been able to post pictures. We'll give it another try. What do you know? It worked!

This was in Woolly Hollow State Park, Arkansas, a very beautiful place. There was a trail, about three and a half miles, that we took through the woods, up the hills, along the ridge, then back down to the campground. It was late afternoon, and the sun shining through the autumn colors made it seem like we were walking through a holy place. The first picture, expecially, reminded me of a beautiful cathedral and I silently prayed for my kids, grandkids, family and friends as I walked along. The most awesome thing about this retirement trip is seeing God's magnificent creation. There is no way this beauty is the result of a "big bang."

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