Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Just a quick update this afternoon before we head back to the state park to cook dinner. We stopped at the Farmers Market and have lots of lovely vegetables to fix tonight.

We are still in limbo regarding the RV, as we haven't heard whether the spring was ordered or not. We will assume it was. And we hope it will arrive shortly and we can get the RV in to the alignment place on Monday. If that happens we will be on the road next week. If the spring doesn't come in or if we can't get the RV in on Monday, we are here at least until the next week Monday. When we do leave we are headed west by way of Indiana where the manufacturer of the RV is located. Hopefully we'll get to Washington and Oregon before the snow flies!

I haven't blogged about the TV problem because it was really making me angry. First of all, I didn't even want this satellite dish but DH claims he needs to see football games, so he ordered it. The guy was supposed to install it at 1:00 on June 1. He finally showed up at 4:30 and quickly threw the system into the RV and called it done. No explaining, no demonstrating, no training. Over $200 for nothing. While we were parked in Grand Forks, ND, visiting our son and family, DH called an installer there to come out and set it up. The guy did nothing. That was another $50 for nothing. We had so many outside things to do in Alaska that we didn't miss TV, so we just let it go for the time being at $30 a month for June, July, August and September. Now that we're back in the locality where it was installed to begin with, DH has been calling for help. None available. He read the book and tried about 379 different combinations of things to set it up, but nothing worked. He called another installer from another town who told him a few things to try. Nothing. He called the company headquarters. THREE TIMES. THREE DIFFERENT PEOPLE. No help. He called back to the place that installed it and was brushed off. Finally this afternoon he found the correct alignment and all the right combinations by himself, and we have the channels we've been paying for since June 1!

About ten minutes after his success the local place called and offered to sell him an $89 something or another that would help! I don't think so! DH politely explained how disgusted he was with their lack of help and service, and the gal reminded him that he would be charged for the advice they gave him when he stopped by for help one day last week! DH's response? "I am not paying for anything!"

As far as I'm concerned, he should get his almost $400 back and they can have the dish.

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norskeneil said...

I came upon a Poem about a scrapped satellite dish! Hope DH doesn't throw his away!

Ode to a Satellite Dish

(On Seeing a Satellite Dish Discarded on a Disused Railway Line)

Dish! Oh Dish!
Satellite-Murdoch Television Dish!
The object that so many people wish!
You used to stare so far away on high,
Receiving all those signals from the Sky,
Omnipotent with rampant power unbounded,
Now melancholic, supine, you are grounded;
But TV Dish, I think it’s clearly true,
That my life will end up, just like you.

© Stuart Butler

First scrapped dish I've seen. There's hope yet.