Saturday, September 30, 2006


Wal-Mart parking lot, LaCrosse, Wisconsin: Good evening. I'm sitting about 10 feet away from the highway in the Wal-Mart parking lot. Do you think I'll get any sleep? We thought we'd go see a movie this evening, but the theater that had 8 movies showing didn't have a single one that I thought was worth my money, so we forgot that idea and came back to the RV. We connected to an unsecured wireless site that has only so-so signal strength. I will really be angry if I type a whole page and then it decides it's not strong enough to send it.

We have made a total change of plans. The original plan was to go to Indiana to the factory, get our repairs done, and then head west. However, on Thursday we found out that we can't get into the factory until November 13. Why we were lead to believe that we would get right in is beyond me. So, we decided to follow the Mississippi for awhile and visit Iowa, Illinois and Missouri. We'll head to the Ozarks and spend the next month just seeing things we've not seen before. I am excited to go to the Ozarks as I've always wanted to visit there. After we head back up to northern Indiana to the factory we will maybe head southwest. That decision hasn't been made for sure yet, but we will keep you posted. In any case we will be back home for Christmas.

The drive from Stillwater to LaCrosse was very beautiful today. The skies were a bright blue with big cotton puff clouds and the temperature was in the upper 60's. Lake Pepin was full of sailboats out for their last sail before winter forces them out of the water. There were many huge boats already encased in their shrinkwrap for protection from the elements. The trees were starting to show some color. I think we are about 10 days ahead of the peak leaf season, so we won't see the brilliant reds and oranges. Maybe if we drive slow the colors will catch up to us!

We did find a church about a mile and a half from here, so we'll be attending worship services at 8:15 and then we'll head down the road towards Dubuque, Iowa.

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FAScinated said...

Have fun, Mom & Dad! I am so excited for you! Please tell me you aren't going to camp at WalMarts all along the way! ~Kari