Friday, September 01, 2006


We have lived in many different places in the three months that we have been on the road. At first we had a change of scenery daily as we traveled through Canada on the Alaska Highway. Sometimes our home was in the flat farms or rolling hills of southern Canada. Later our view was the beautiful mountains of the Yukon. After ariving at our destination in Seldovia, Alaska, we lived on a cliff at the edge of the forest, overlooking the ocean, with beautiful mountains in the background. We also called an Air Force base home a couple of times as we parked at the military base campgrounds in Anchorage, Alaska and Great Falls, Montana. When we arrived back in the States, we parked in a beautiful valley surrounded by lovely mountains at Many Glacier campground in Glacier National Park. Here in our hometown we have enjoyed the hardwood trees and prairie of our local state park. However, our RV is in for it's post-Alaska Highway check up and repairs at the dealership where we purchased it. Last night our home was the parking lot of the RV dealership, railroad tracks on one side, and a four lane highway on the other side. Not the most scenic place we've called home, but it was probably the loudest! Do you think the traffic will decrease over the holiday weekend? I can dream, can't I?

(The photo was taken one hour into our trip on the first day.)

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