Monday, September 25, 2006


Dunn Bros: It's not like we can call a repairman and have him come to our house and fix the problem. It's a little more complicated than that. I have to first remove anything that may be sitting on the counters, desk, or dresser tops and place those items in the two baskets I have designated as the spot for them to travel safely in. I turn the two recliners sideways and push them right up against the rear wall. The dining room chairs must be hooked into the table legs so they won't fly around the room, and the table needs to be secured so it won't crash into the cupboard. The TV gets strapped into it's spot in the entertainment center. We use a trunk as a coffee table/storage space and that has to be moved to one side of the room and placed in such a way that it will fit in the small space created when we put in the two sides of the room. When all looks ready, I push the top button on our control panel and in comes the little alcove where the headboard of the bed is attached, and the bedroom is now a room the exact size of the small queen sized bed!

Next I push the second button which brings in the desk and entertainment center with the TV and other assorted electronic equipment, and with the coffee table/trunk balanced on the edge of the carpet in front of it. Then the final slide comes in which holds the small couch and the table and 4 chairs. My home is now only 8 feet wide 34 feet long. With the two 3 foot slides in the living area that room is 14 feet wide, but only when we are parked! The front steps are folded into their storage space, and the railing is folded over the front door. Now we unplug the electricity.

While I am doing this, hubby is doing the outside duties: He puts up the rear jacks, backs up the truck and connects it to the RV, and gets all the proper connections plugged in. Last to come up are the front jacks and the RV settles into the bed of the truck for it's ride to the shop.

Our home is getting a new spring attached (the one that the repairman fixed along the Alaska Highway was not strong enough and needed to be redone) and the aliegnment is being corrected. The plan is to leave our spot in the state park on Wednesday and travel two hours northeast of here to our oldest son's home. We get to attend grandparents day with the two grandsons on Friday, an activity which we are very much looking forward to. Then it's on to the West Coast by way of the RV factory in Indiana. Not exactly a shortcut, I know, but our house needs to have another checkup there for some other problems. When it gets a clean bill of health we will head off to Wyoming to visit dear friends, then, depending on the mountain passes, we'll head either northwest, straight west, or southwest. We will then be back to searching out wireless computer connections, hopefully finding them more abundant then we found along the Alaska Highway in the Yukon!

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