Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Sometimes the Great Grand Princess Abby wears camo.  With ruffles on her butt, of course.

Thanks to her grandmother for the picture that I stole off fb.

I have nothing else to say today, except that it is 63 degrees in Minnesota on the day before Thanksgiving!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This little gal is just one of our many blessings this year.

Just an update:  The local TV station said it hit 70 yesterday!  However, 20's are in the near future!


Denise said...

She is absolutely beautiful, whether she's in a pink tutu or sporting camo!

I had a good time catching up on your blog, and rereading some of the Alaska posts. I've been watching some programs on Alaska, and I love reading what you wrote about it. Alaska is really calling me!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paxie said...


We had warm temps and they are getting ready to plummet tomorrow!

Stay warm :)