Wednesday, November 14, 2012


My name is Marge and I am a delinquent blogger.

I have no excuse. 

Wait.  That's a lie.

I joined Facebook and it has taken over my computer time.

I still have many favorite blogs that I check daily, and even comment on, and I act like nothing is different.  But I'm being a fraud.  It is different.  Facebook is so easy, and so instant, and so much fun.  And everyone is doing it.  (Yes, mom, if everyone jumped off a cliff I would probably follow.)

That is my excuse.  (And Lisa, do not tell me you told me so.)

So, after two months of not blogging, I am going to make an attempt to keep up with both, starting with this post, even if there is no one out there still reading here after my 2 month absence.

Some of you may remember that we purchased a new freezer this summer to hold the garden produce tomatoes.  It is full.  And  yes, it is mostly tomatoes.  After all, what do you expect from 33 tomato plants.  So, when hubby decided to stock up on some meat, not because we are worried about TEOTWAWKI, but because I really don't like to grocery shop, and with veggies tomatoes in the freezer, a pantry full of flours and bread making and other baking supplies, we thought if we had meat, too, I wouldn't need to shop as often.  But we had just bought a new freezer so the funds were not there for another.

Craigslist to the rescue.

Ernie scoured the listings for a week or two, and finally found a freezer that sounded promising.  It was from a town within 30 miles of here, so checking it out would be easy.  There was no picture, nor was there a phone number.  Just an email address.  Ernie dashed off an email, saying he would like to look at the freezer.  He waited several days and received no reply, so he sent off another email asking if it had sold yet.  And still no reply.  He figured it was sold, so he started looking for another.

One afternoon a few weeks later, when he was in the garage playing with the nails and bolts and tools, his phone rang.  When he answered a voice on the other end loudly asked "do you want to look at that freezer?  I'm within 15 minutes of your place and I can stop by."  Uh?  You drive around with your for sale freezer, and bring it by to show people?  Well, whatever.

Soon an old truck with a trailer pulled up out front, with the freezer loaded on the trailer.  Out jumped an interesting looking fellow who boasted a mouth full of at least three teeth.  "Here it is.  $100."  The freezer wasn't spotless by any means, and it did have a few spots of rust on the bottom of the door, but it looked in pretty good condition.  Ernie said he'd give the guy $80.  "Nope, got to have $90," the guy said.  Ernie agreed, paid up, and off loaded the freezer, and moved enough stuff around in the garage to fit it in.

He cleaned it up, I ran to town and bought some appliance paint for the rust spots, and we plugged it in.  It now holds a quarter beef, a bit of pork, and most importantly, some bacon.

Turns out the guy doesn't even have a computer.  He used his mom's or grandmother's computer to post the freezer on Craigslist, then a couple of weeks later, when he was at that same house taking the freezer out, he checked his email and found Ernie's reply.  So he just drove out here with the freezer on the trailer.   I wonder if he had other replies, and if Ernie had not bought it, would he have driven around to each person to show them the freezer?  Interesting character.

The freezer is working just fine.


Paxie said...

It sounds like it was just meant for you to have that freezer!

I'm pathetic at blogging anymore. I stay on Facebook too :(

If you'd like to friend me, just look up Debbie Haley Angel!


Linda said...

I'm still reading! I miss your blog posts, but I get how facebook is addictive! For some reason I picture this old freezer guy to be from the old Andy Griffith show

Linda said...

I'm still reading! I miss your blog posts, but I get how facebook is addictive! For some reason I picture this old freezer guy to be from the old Andy Griffith show

Jeanne said...

I've been wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you back.
Well he does sound like quite a character doesn't he! Very interesting.

theMom said...

Oh, Marge, this was so worth the wait! What a wonderful story! I hooted and laughed right out loud with big giant guffaws. I'm a little bit jealous this strange and unusual episode did not happen to me. :-D

May I save it in my story nugget file, please? I've also saved that great one Kari told yesterday about Ernie's car.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

FACEBOOK??? I'm there to, go to my blog and you can become my friend on the side line.

so you freeze tomatoes? What doyou do with them then? We can all ours, salsa, diced, whole, jucie, rotel, ketchup, chili sauce, V8 juice, and I think that's all.


Karen O said...

I'm still here Marge! Gotta have my fellow MN blogger fixes. The fellow with the freezer sounds like a good small town character. :)

Anonymous said...

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