Friday, November 23, 2012


Yesterday, on Thanksgiving Day, we drove 2 hours northeast to Stillwater, to Kevin and Molly's home for dinner.  Molly had decorated outside of the house for Christmas, and had continued inside to the lovely table for our Thanksgiving dinner.  She cooked a turkey which was perfectly browned, and nice and juicy and tender.

And it didn't take long for it to look like this.  Ummmm good!

We drove home in sleet and snow, a huge contrast to Wednesday afternoon when the temperature hit 70.  Now today I had to get busy.  I am having the gang here tomorrow for dinner.  I decided everyone would be full of turkey, so I opted for a ham.  And baked potatoes, calico beans, meat and vegetarian styles, broccoli salad (thank you Kari), corn,  cranberry bread, and these goodies I baked today.  I made corn muffins and pumpkin bread.  But look what happened to one of the mini loaves of pumpkin bread.  It somehow baked about two slices shorter than the other ones.  Wonder how that happens?
Her Royal Highness, the Great Grand Princess Abby will be here, so you might get to see a picture or two.


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