Saturday, May 05, 2012


I made the long trip, 12 miles I think, to the hospital where my Big Brother is being held hostage, hoping I could get him released and he could come home with me so we could bond over my Little Houses Schnibbles project tonight.  But guess what I discovered?  I don't think the doctor has even been in to check him out yet!  I am not happy, and I'm betting my Brother isn't happy either.  I did mention to the gal that I wasn't happy, and that this would never happen again.  And it won't.  I'll find a new doctor.

No idea what is going on but it seems weird.  Maybe there is a problem of some sort that I don't know about, but you'd think they would give me a clue if that was the case.  Meanwhile,  I know my old machine was having tension problems, but I am going to drag it out tonight and set it up to see if I can get it to sew straight seams.  I just won't do anything like quilting that would show!

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Nicole said...

Did you ever get your machine? How frustrating!