Monday, May 07, 2012


The tools are ready.
The plants are waiting.
The ground has been prepared.
Hubby worked hard.
Broccoli is planted.
The tomatoes, green peppers, and multi-colored peppers are planted, as is the kale.  Beets, zuchs, and cukes are also in the ground.
And hubby is resting with a jug of water.
Then we had three days and three inches of rain.  Yay!
Yesterday sweet Jaden was confirmed.
I love the beautiful, old fashioned white altar of the little country church.  It was a beautiful service that began with a baptism, and then Jaden and six of her classmates renewed their baptismal vows in their confirmation vows.
I have a flower in full bloom, but somehow the flower doesn't match the rose leaves.  Ummm.....something is wrong here!
Right outside my kitchen window is this green headed monster, sticking it's weird looking head into my view.  I can't wait until this iris bursts into full bloom, right in my window!


Nicole said...

Congratulations to Jaden! Your garden is HUGE!!! You will be eating so healthy when everything is grown.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I know you are so proud of Jaden! What a beautiful church she was confirmed in.
the garden will love the rain, as long as it doesn't get washed away!

linda said...

I am also rather impressed with that pile of cut wood! wow, so busy i am tired now. :) xoxo

Linda up north said...

Your garden looks wonderful :) We do not dare put anything in the ground yet. The greenhouse is full though!
Blessings to your granddaughter! May God's light shine through her all her life!