Sunday, August 13, 2006


Great Falls, Montana, Sunday, August 13:
Just a quick post to say we are back in the USA! The drive down through Jasper, Lake Louise, and Banff Canada is beautiful, but I have never seen so many tourists! It was terribly crowded and that is not my cup of tea. We spent two nights at Many Glacier Campground in Glacier National Park, and that was also crowded. And two trails that we had planned to hike with the grandsons were closed because of grizzly bear activity, so plans were changed. I'll NEVER take chances with grizz! Glacier is one of our favorite places, and just being there is relaxing.

We are now at the Air Force Base in Great Falls and will stay here two nights. I have not done laundry in almost two weeks, so that's what I plan for tomorrow. We also can shop at the commissary and BX and stock up on a few things.

So, we're on our way home! I can't wait to get back to Minnesota to see the grandkids and kids, and my mom and siblings. And we now have phone and computer access, so we should be able to keep in touch more often this week. Should be home by the weekend.

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