Saturday, August 19, 2006


We have been on the road since June 3, about 9000 miles ago. It's been, for the most part, an awesome trip, filled with wonderful memories. Traveling with a teen and a preteen grandson has been a trip back to the past when we were raising our own 5 boys and 2 girls, challenging at times, but something I wouldn't have missed for all the money in the world. A big thank you to the parents of these two boys who trusted us to spend the summer hauling their boys all the way north through Canada to Alaska and back. It was a blast!

Here are the greatest memories for each of us:

The Redhead: Hauling in a 98 pound halibut (Thanks Tim!)
More waitresses (and I don't think he means you Amy, Demara, or Diane)
That one girl at the swiming pool in Aberdeen, South Dakota
Pot lucks in Seldovia, Alaska

The Dude: Catching his first Salmon
The 4th of July and all the fun activities that day
Flying to Uncle Gary's cabin (Thanks Gary!)
Going on the boat to the restaurant and fishing with Jeff (Thanks Jeff!)

Dear Husband: Catching a 33 pound salmon (Thanks again Tim!)
Flying to brother Gary's cabin (Thanks again Gary!)
Watching The Dude in the parking lot at Glacier try to explain to people where
the grizzlies were on the hillside
The mountains through Jasper and Banff, British Columbia, Canada
Supper at the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes, British Columbia, Canada

Me: First sight of son Chris as we stepped off the ferry in Seldovia, Alaska
Having Chris stop by the RV before or after work and just visiting with him
Meeting girlfriend Amy's parents (Love you guys!)
Potlucks in Seldovia with Chris and Amy's friends (Best eating of the whole trip!)
The peaceful mountains and ocean seen from our campsite in Seldovia

We also did a Top Ten List:

1. Top Campground: The Wilderness RV Park in Seldovia, Alaska
2. Top Restaurant: The Tide Pool in Seldovia - (Thanks for all the Classic Burgers with cheese and bacon Matt and Sarah!)
3. Top Mountain: Red Mountain in Seldovia
4. Top Fish: 98 pound halibut!
5. Top Boat Captain: Tim (I think it has something to do with #4!)
6. Top Beach: Outside Beach
7. Top Waitress: The one at Ricky's in Whitehorse, Yukon (Sorry Amy, Demara and Diane!)
8. Top activity: A tie here, fishing and kayaking
9. Top Wildlife: The wolf at White River in the Yukon
10. Top Meal: The first potluck on the boardwalk in Seldovia

Thanks to all who made this trip such a great memory for us and for the two boys. They will never forget the summer of '06!

Above all, we thank God for being with us every day and for keeping us safe for all the miles that we traveled. This world He created is an awesome place!

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