Sunday, July 15, 2012


Do you know Jesse James?  The outlaw Jesse James?  He, with his gang, including the Younger brothers, were active in this area in 1876.  They robbed the bank in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1876, and all of the gang except for Jesse and Frank were killed or taken captive.  Jesse remained on the loose until April of 1882 when he was shot and killed as he stood on a chair in his home, dusting and straightening a picture hanging on the wall.

My hubby's brother has built a park on his small farm that is a recreation of the 1876 bank robbery.  His metal figures cover his large lawn and gallop down the hillside, and even cross the ravine on a bridge.  This setting is where the annual family reunion is held.  This is where we gathered this weekend for two days filled with family, fun, and love.

This is Arnold's newest creation, a bridge. 
Some of the townfolk....
and gang members....

This is the scene from 1882 when Jesse James was standing on a chair, dusting and straightening the picture frame hanging on the wall of his home, when he was shot and killed.
Hubby (the middle man) and his brothers standing on the bridge.  They used to be blond, now they're white headed!
I think the most beautiful girl at the reunion was this young lady.  She just happens to be my 14 year old granddaughter!
This is nephew Mark and some of the guitars he has built.
And a good time was had by all!  See you next year!


AKBrady said...

That's awesome!

lucy faust said...

my name is lucy and we just found out how my husband is related to jesse james. if you have any imformation I could use if you are willing to share my email is