Wednesday, July 04, 2012


We often take a picture of corn on the 4th of July because we were brought up with the saying "knee high by the 4th of July."  If the corn was knee high by the 4th of July, it meant the farmers would be able to get their crop in before the first frost.  So on the way to my sister's house for a family get together today, I had Ernie stop and pose in front of a field of corn.
The corn is fully six feet tall, and tasseled out.  I heard this afternoon that the corn is 27 inches taller than in an average year on this date.

Yes, it's still hot.  And no, we still haven't had any rain, unless you count the 47 drops we had yesterday morning.  It didn't even get the sidewalk wet, let alone clean the bird poop off it.  We continue to water the garden and flowers, morning and evening.

And a glass of wine on the patio isn't much fun unless you include a fan!


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I wish the corn around here looked that good. Today is our 10th day in a row of over 100 degrees. We are baked!

Marge said...

We have been 95 or above for that same time. 103 right now! But I think we had a better spring and the crops had a good start. Very dry now though. Have given up on the lawn. It's brown.