Monday, April 23, 2012


What do a spice store, a winery, and a farm market have in common?  Well, I guess we could purchase things to make dinner.  But throw in a used book sale, a pottery shop, and a quilt shop.  Now what do you have?  You have the Annual April Birthday Sisters' Fun Day.  And it's coming up on Friday.

Two of my sisters have April birthdays.  Our youngest sister and I have December birthdays.  So we combine them into two fun celebrations, and the April party is scheduled for  Friday.  We go to a nearby college town that holds a wonderful used book sale at the end of April each year, and usually walk out with a couple of shopping bags full of treasures.  A bit north from there is our favorite Penzey's Spice Store.  Do you know Penzey's?  Well, if there is one in your area, you need to become acquainted.  Now.  They are the best.

Of course by then it's almost lunch time, so that becomes a priority.  The exact spot hasn't been chosen yet, but I'm not worried.  It will be good.  This year, sister Ruth has found some fun destinations in another nearby town, so we plan to check them out.  Of course I never turn down the chance to go to a quilt shop, I love pottery, the farm market should be interesting, and I need to purchase a gift for someone at the winery.

I will have my camera around my neck, so I'll be able to invite you all along on our adventure.  Doesn't this sound like a perfect day?


AKBrady said...

Does that ever sound fun! Way, way fun.

Denise said...

Sounds amazing. Have fun!