Saturday, August 27, 2011


Two weeks ago a dear friend lost her mom after a very short illness.  It was an unexpected death and a sad funeral.  This morning we attend the funeral of a sweet lady I have known for 60 years!  Yes, 60 years!  I was a very little girl when I first met her.  She had just celebrated her 85th birthday and had just published a book of her memories.  She was killed when she pulled out on the highway in front of a truck.  It was a very unexpected death, as she was a healthy, vibrant woman, appearing and acting much younger than her 85 years.  It was a large funeral, filled with her family and many friends.  Last night we received word that our great aunt had passed away.  I'm not sure of her exact age, but she was in her 90's.  Aunt Lillian had been ill recently, so this death was not as unexpected as the last two.  I don't know when the funeral is, but we'll be heading to Wisconsin in the next couple of days.  I need to hug my cousin.

And these flowers are for my friend Linda who tells me she loves petunias!  Hugs, Linda!  Hope your head feels better after your clunk on the back of the neck!

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Paxie said...

Oh my goodness Marge! How terrible!

I think your cousin desperately needs lots of hugs.

Beautiful petunias!!

(I sent a reply to you about my trip) I made it but it wasn't pretty LOL