Monday, August 08, 2011


We have done nothing with the yard since we moved here in May except to set some pots of flowers around, but there is most definitely plenty of work to do.  I'll post some before photos here, and hopefully can post some after photos in the not too distant future.  Of course the big test will be next spring when things bloom.

Okay, first of all, the blooming things I'm speaking dear friend, Charlie, is cleaning up her flower beds and splitting some of her perennials.  She offered me the plants she culls out, iris, day lilies, peonies, phlox, hostas, and rhubarb!  I am so excited!  Those are my favorite yard flowers, reminding me of my childhood down in Iowa.  Charlie wrote that she'll be bringing them over on Labor Day weekend.  Okay, Marge, you'd better get busy!  There is a lot of work to do!

Do you think these bushes are a bit overgrown?  And they are pretty old and not very attractive anymore.  We are going to pull these out, and then cement the bare space in to enlarge the patio space. 

Ernie has hacked away at these two bushes, but they are also overgrown and ugly and will be removed.  This will be a flower bed to hold some lovely iris, lilies, and phlox, right under my kitchen window.

This another view of the first bushes I told you about.  Pulling them out and pouring another cement slab there will double our little patio space. 

The corner of our part of the lot is also filled with some overgrown shrubs, and they will come out to make another flower bed.

And this spot will really change!  This is on a slope leading down to the swampy wildlife area behind us.  Those spruce trees are at the bottom edge of our lot.  We will pull out these five huge overgrown bushes and make a tiered vegetable garden.  And we'll have a better view of the spruce trees where the cardinals like to hang out! 

Almost every night we sit on this little patio off the kitchen and have a glass of wine before dinner.  We watch the birds enjoy the treats we put out for them. 
Or laugh at them while they take a little bath

They're fun to watch, even if they are just blackbirds!

And we enjoy the pots of flowers that I have put out or
hung on the walls, or
in the trees.

I think we have a good week to get some of this done, as the temps are changing from the 90's we've "enjoyed?" for weeks, to the lovely 70's.  Soon as the front goes through, with maybe a little storm, we should have lower humidity and cooler temps.  I can't wait!


Jeanne said...

What we Texans would do to see the 70's again! We've been in the mid to upper 90's but most of Texas has been even hotter than us with 100+ everyday.
Thanks for the tour. I like the idea if clearing out to be able to see out into the wildlife area.

Linda said...

oh, i love that lantern! wow, lots to do and thank goodness, it's cooler! good luck with your fun plans. ;)

blessings xxx

AKBrady said...

I wish I could have birdfeeders out in the summer. :)

Paxie said...

Marge...I like all your ideas. I can't live with overgrown areas and the idea for the patio is perfect.

70's will be just the right temp to get to work!! Look forward to the after photos :)

Joni said...

That's a lot of work lady! I think updates to garden areas are always good for the soul...good luck with your endeavor. Can't wait to see the "after" pics.

Garden Furnishing Solutions said...

Those birds are cute like that lamp too! Good luck on the redo! And oh, post some pictures when its done please! Thanks.