Thursday, March 06, 2008


This is what I hate about winter. The snow in the parking lots that has been plowed into huge mountains around the perimiter of the lot. The mountains made of, yes, snow, but also of dirt, and green plastic 20 ounce Mountain Dew bottles, and receipts and plastic bags from the nearest big-box store, and discarded french fry bags from the golden arches, and pacifiers that have fallen from the mouths of babies when mom didn't get the blanket thrown over their head fast enough as they ran from the van to the grocery store, and things that shouldn't even be mentioned on this family blog.

This is what winter should look like.
My son, Chris, who lives beyond the end of the road in Alaska, sent me these pictures last week. He and his sweetie, Amy, had climbed up a mountain just for the joy of skiing back down, not my idea of fun, but I guess that's why he's skinny and I'm not skinny. On the distant shore, about 17 miles across Kachemak Bay, is Homer, the actual end of the road. You either fly or take a boat to get to Seldovia where Chris lives. Have you ever seen skies so blue or snow so white? I've not been to Alaska in the winter, but I would love to make that trip. However, I do not climb to the top of mountains through waist deep snow, and I most certainly do not ski back down them.

Do you see the path they've made up the mountain? Do you see any ski lifts ? Can you imagine? Huff, puff, huff, puff....... no way!

But the views they see along the way are incredible! And I am so jealous of them. But I guess I'm not jealous enough to get in shape!


FAScinated said...

Quite a difference from that mound of snirt that you took a picture of here. Sigh. We're all jealous of Chris! ~Kari

Paula said...

It's absolutely gorgeous.
We lived in Alaska for a short 18 months and sometimes I miss the pristine wilderness. GOtta say I don't miss the dark days of winter though.

Linda up north said...

Oh my... that is so beautiful! I am not much for downhill skiing, but you might talk me into the climb for a view like that!