Wednesday, September 03, 2014


No, I haven't forgotten you.  It's just taking me awhile to accept the fact that I'm again going to be almost 4000 miles away from my youngest grandson.  It's been rough.  The roads, the weather, and my attitude....all rough.  But, I have decided that I need to focus on my oldest grandson's wedding on Saturday rather than on leaving the youngest grandson in Alaska.  I love you dearly Nils, but this weekend belongs to Aaron and Callie.

Tok to Whitehorse on Sunday.  Whitehorse to Fort Nelson on Monday.  Fort Nelson to Whitecourt on Tuesday.  And Whitecourt to Saskatoon today.  I know it means nothing to you, but it is a blur to me.  We had rough roads, construction, and rain until today.  We had long days, many miles, and arrived late each night.  Today we arrived at a decent hour, and I had time to enjoy cooking and eating our dinner for a change.

However, I do believe that the scenery is more spectacular on the return trip than on the trip up.  Same road, same mountains, but different views.  I'll post a few pictures, but remember; all were taken through a wet dirty windshield, at 55-65 MPH.  No quality in the photos, that's for sure!  But it was beautiful!
The Garmin is saying to drive 587 miles on the same road to your destination!
 I love when you can see miles ahead and see the road curving off into the horizon. 
Even in the rain.
At the Watson Lake gas station.  The flowers here are spectacular.  
Not too many department stores are so decorated!
 The whole boulevard is decorated with lovely flowers and flags.
 There were a lot of different clouds in the past couple of days.  Nice even when there wasn't any sunshine.
Saw the big guy along the road.
 And probably another 100 or so were traveling along the highway with him.
We did have a few peeks of sunshine.
Excuse me!  I want to cross the road right here in front of you!
 Plenty of gravel again.
And we played the 'follow the pilot car' a few times.
See how they have the road cleared along the highway for safety for us and the animals who may decide to cross.
 Many trucks.
 These behemoths really scare me.  They are 3 sections of trailer, and the logs are seemingly just piled on top of each other.  I am so afraid that they will roll off and squash the little Prius.  And me!
Today we traveled the whole day on 4 lane highways through lots of farmland.  
Thank you Milepost!  Once again you have seen us through!  This is the 5th copy of this book we've purchased as a travel companion along the highways of the north.  It's pretty accurate....listing most all of the gas stations, motels, restaurants, rest stops, pull offs, trash cans, and outhouses along the highway.  There are milepost signs along the highway that correspond with the listings in the book so it's easy to see where you are at all times.  So many places have closed since our first trip up the road in 1992 that it's necessary to buy a new book each time if you want to know for sure where your next gas or potty break is going to be!

Tomorrow, God willing, we will be in Grand Forks, North Dakota.  Hope to connect with our son there, even if it's only for a few minutes to hug the grandkid, Sammy!  Then Friday morning it's off to the retreat where the big wedding is taking place this weekend.  It's been a long, but good trip!


Celiac Sister said...

We will be at Devils Lake in North Dakota tomorrow. Small world.

Paxie said...

Wow. Between the buffalo and the log trucks, I would have been terrified. I love the way you can see the road forever. The clouds even look different up there. What a LONG trip. Amazing. I'm so thankful your travel was safe. I know it's got to be hard to leave :( but you do have a great attitude about it :)

Jeanne said...

You must be exhausted by now! What a trip! I usually don't like traveling more than about 6 hours a day. My husband on the other hand can drive all day with no problem! Well looks like the scenery is certainly enough to make it worth all the effort!

Lisa said...

I just saw this posting....sorry about that. But how interesting the buffalo are just right there beside the road. Do many get hit? Are they just free range or what? I find that just FACINATING!