Monday, September 08, 2014


We arrived home at noon yesterday, just in time for Ernie to hook the TV back up and turn on the Vikings game, while I unloaded the car and put away the stuff, clean the frig, went to get groceries, and fill the Berkey with fresh water!  I was really tired last night after not sleeping well the whole week driving home, so after a nice hot shower I went to bed before 10.  And someone's alarm clock went off at 1:30, waking me from the first good sleep in a month!  Fortunately I was able to go back to sleep and I feel refreshed this morning,

Thought I'd post a bunch of random photos from the wedding weekend.  It was so much fun!

 At the rehearsal, the groom and groomsmen were a fashion show of colorful Grateful Dead shirts!

 Bridesmaid granddaughter Kjirsten and groomsmen grandson Adam, two of the groom Aaron's siblings.

Daughter Kari and son-in-law Mike put on a fabulous groom's dinner.....Mike grilled well over a hundred kabobs!

Granddogs Cooper, Marley and Ziggy on the morning of the wedding.  Looks like they had a rough night!

Mike cooking pancakes and eggs for the wedding day breakfast.

The whole wedding party, including all 5 flowergirls and the 2 ringbearers.

The girls of the wedding party with beautiful granddaughter Kjirsten holding flowergirl Maggie, 11 months, with flowergirl Abby, 2 years, in front of her.  The colors were a soft champagne color with the two maids of honor in shades of a soft pink and a darker rose/ burgundy color.  The men had a soft sage green color for their ties.  It was a lovely color combination.  The flowergirl's dresses were also an off white/champagne/ color.
Miss Abby was fascinated by her flowers.  She especially liked the ivory roses, and she traced the circular pattern of the petals with her fingers, over and over and over.
Miss Maggie carried her bottle, not flowers!  
This is one of the baby ringbearers!  They were so cute in their suspenders and black pants and white shirts!
Two of the other flowergirls.  Aren't they precious?
The bride and groom with his family.  From the left they are: Ben, Anna, Mike, our beautiful daughter Kari, Callie, Aaron, Adam, Kjirsten, Katie, and Kjirsten's husband Ryan, and the two princesses, Abby and Maggie.  Katie's husband Clayton was still on the way up when the photos were taken.  Bummer that he isn't on this awesome family photo!
 The video guy, our grandson Caleb.
The female portion of the wedding party, minus Miss Abby who was sitting with her daddy at this point.
The vows.  I am so happy this awesome couple chose to make Christ the focal point of their wedding day!
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Fletcher!
The first dance.
So in love.
Completely worn out after all that hard work being a flowergirl!
 She was a blur all evening at the dance, whirling and twirling in her pretty dress!  She was still going strong when we left the dance!

It was a fun, family and love filled day.  Thank you God for the gift of a beautiful day, wonderful family and the love that this newly married couple share!


Paxie said...

Oh Marge, such a beautiful wedding! Almost brought tears to my eyes :) The photos are wonderful. Congratulations to the happy couple!

I'm glad you are home now and able to get some long needed rest. What a time you've had. Wow. ♥

Paxie said...
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Lisa said...

Oh it DID bring years to my eyes! But everything does now days! I LOVE the colors, I LOVE the outdoor wedding, I LOVE the pictures, the family all being included in so much...I could feel the love through your pictures no doubt.

Jeanne said...

Looks like such a fun wedding and I love the colors!

Lisa said...

Oh Marge, I forgot to tell you...I love the picture of all the BOXERS! I bet you KNEW I would LOVE that one! hahahah!!!!
This wedding looks just BEAUTIFUL.