Wednesday, July 30, 2014


.....the organizing, the thinking, the deciding, the takes me a long time to get ready to go on the road for a month.  This is the fifth time we have driven the highway, and I am more excited this time than any of the other times.  The first road trip was exciting because it was the first trip.  The second trip was over the top because we had just retired, had a new to us truck and trailer, and two excited grandsons with us.  The third trip was special because we thought it would be the last time driving up.  Then we bought a Prius and decided to see how the trip would be without a camper to stay in and what kind of mileage would we get.  (averaged 54 MPG, thank you very much!)  and drove up for the fourth time.  And now we are doing it again!  Only this time we have an 8 month old grandbaby waiting at the other end!  The most exciting trip of all!

People think we are crazy.  Friends always tell us that we could fly and be in Anchorage in five hours.  Yes, we could.  And it would be easy to rent a car for the remaining 250 miles to our kids' place.  But we would miss the journey!  We have driven it often enough that we now know what is over the next mountain and around the next bend.  We anticipate the unbelievable beauty we will see in the next 100 or 1000 miles.  We look forward to the spot in the road where the fireweed is so prolific.  We remember the time we saw the bear on the hillside or in the ditch along the road.  We have the memories of staying in this or that campground, shopping in the little grocery store next to the gas station, and taking an evening walk in the little village.  Yet each and every time, we are awed anew by the incredible beauty of God's amazing creation.

So I have the food box started, and already have started gathering food items.  We don't eat out, but cook our three meals each day, so it takes some planning to find easy to prepare items that don't take up a lot of room.  The first item in the box is a huge jar of coffee beans.  We have oatmeal, rice and gluten free pasta in quart jars.  I have a couple of cans of chicken and of tomatoes.  I found  ready to heat up packages of lentils and chili sauce that can mix with a bit of burger for a quick chili supper.  Nuts and dried apricots for snacking or to add to the oatmeal, and coconut oil, peanut butter, and some spices have been packed.  Today we will round up the backpacking stove and clean it and make sure it's working.  I'll get out the tiny set of pots and the little cast iron skillet.  We also bring a little grill to cook meat on.  The last morning we pack the cooler with eggs, a little meat and cheese, almond milk, fruits and veggies, and the Britta water pitcher because I can't justify hauling along along the Big Berkey!  Today I'll bake a few loaves of bread to freeze for lunch sandwiches.

Our preparations are on the way.  Hope yours are too!


Paxie said...

Sounds like you definitely have a plan! Looking forward to the journey with you!

Jeanne said...

The hardest part of traveling is just the planning and packing! That's such a good idea to fix all your meals.It's such a big expense to eat out and hard to eat healthy!

Lisa said...

OK, I am logged in, will be traveling with you!