Saturday, May 20, 2006


Add ImageThis is my current dining room/kitchen, which I love. This is the one I'll be moving into shortly. Quite a bit smaller don't you think? Our whole married life, until just a few years ago, we have had small kitchens. We then converted our garage into this lovely kitchen/dining room and turned the old kitchen and dining areas into part of the living room, thus creating two large rooms. We then built on a two car garage. Now my new dining room, kitchen, and living room will be about the size of the above before picture. I have spent the day packing and sorting and tossing. Moving from a large home into a 34 ft RV really limits the stuff you can collect. But I have to have my sewing machine so I can do some long put off quilting, and I need my Jon Hassler books, and I really need the books I purchased on my trip to Italy last year. We have 15 beautiful grandchildren and I need all their pictures, and the pictures of our 7 kids and their spouses, and I need a few of my favorite candles and other things to make the RV "mine." So my brain is completely worn out trying to decide what to keep and what to let go, but I really do want to simplify my life, so I will do it. Back to the sorting.........

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